Canoeing and Dragon Boating

The NJC Canoeing & Dragon boating team believes in Character Building through Sports Excellence. The CCA has a proven track record in the youth sporting fraternity. Our A Division Girls have won the championship title for the National Schools Canoeing Championship for the past 11 years. In 2009, our team raced in the World Dragon boat Racing Championships in Prague, Czech Republic and brought the World Junior Dragon boat Title back to Singapore. In 2010, 45 of our canoeists were awarded the Singapore Sports Award Meritorious Award (Team) by the Singapore National Olympic Council. In 2012, students from JH2 to SH2 raced in the Club Crew World Championships in Hong Kong China bringing back 7 Golds and 2 Silvers. For recognition of their achievements, leadership and service, our canoeists are nominated and awarded prestigious College, Zonal and National Sports COLOURS awards, as well as MOE EAGLES, College Day and Sports boy/girl of the year awards.

Our vision:
To develop every member of our team into principled, wise and happy fighters.

Our mission:
We draw strength from one another to epitomize academic and sports excellence. Others before self, we mould every member into a leader who serves our nation, college and team.

Our motto:
Every Drop of Blood, Heart and Soul, Go the Distance

Our core values: (FIGHTERS)
ortitude, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility, Teamwork, Endurance, Resilience, Selflessness

Student Athletes

We teach our students to be student athletes. Mass study sessions are conducted where students can seek help in their areas of weaknesses and help others in their areas of strengths. We have three academic CCA teachers and student study I/Cs to monitor the studies of our canoeists. We stress the importance of discipline not only in trainings, but also in their studies.


Development Programmes and Enrichment Opportunities Our 6 Year Developmental Program

Focus Year Plan
Participation 1
  • Develop interest in a variety of water sports, basic skills and safety knowledge through the CAFÉ program
  • Exposure to different individual crafts (Kayak, Tourer, Canoe) in canoeing and team paddling in dragon boating.
  • Develop technical competency in canoeing
  • Develop values of sportsmanship, discipline (in time management), teamwork, respect, resilience and unselfishness.
Achievement 3
  • Develop physical fitness with progressive physical training
  • Offered opportunities for participation in overseas races
  • Emphasize discipline for a good balance between studies and training
  • Opportunities to participate in National Team Trials
Excellence 5
  • Develop moral character with regard to attributes such as unselfish service to community and country
  • Leadership development opportunities (e.g. Nomination for Youth Leadership Training Camp, Leadership Symposiums & Seminars)
  • A principled, wise, resilient and selfless leader who is willing to contribute to our Country, College and team. A role model for those around him/her.

Training for Success
We emphasize to our canoeists that success does not come overnight but through consistent planning and preparation. To instill personal accountability, training sessions are available from Mondays-Fridays (catering to the schedules of our canoeists from six academic levels).

Safety Comes First
Safety is the team’s top-most priority during training.  Life vests are strictly worn at all times. Students are only allowed in the water in the presence of a coach or teacher who are all first-aid certified. In inclement weather, an alarm will be sounded by the reservoir authorities where students will head to shore immediately for shelter.

Giving back to the Community (Values in Action)
The team hopes to bring sports to others who may not have the same opportunities as our members. We provide our members with ah-hoc opportunities throughout the year as well as have a long term standing program with a local organization.