Canoeing and Dragon Boating

Img 0029NJC’s Canoeing and Dragon boat team aims to mould students into esteemed fighters who are disciplined and give their best effort, off and on water.

Canoeing season runs from August to April, while the Dragon Boat season runs from May to July. In June, there is a bonding camp, where the whole team gets together to build camaraderie. Another training camp is conducted in December, where the team will reaffirm their training beliefs and set targets for the upcoming national schools. All competition and camps are planned by students, which offer them various opportunities on top of the exco positions for them to explore and develop their potential. We also believe strongly in giving back to the community, where our students take part in various VIA.

The team believes in drawing strength from one another to epitomise academic and sports excellence. Others before self, we mould every member into a leader who serves our nation, college and team.  Their vision is to develop every member of our team into principled, wise and happy fighters.

“Every Drop of Blood, Heart and Soul, Go the Distance.”

To give every ounce of effort in all the things we do, do this right from the heart and soul, and to persist and preserve in spite of obstacles, setbacks and adversities.