Chinese Orchestra and Guzheng

Senior High Chinese Orchestra Distinction

The NJC Chinese Orchestra and Guzheng Ensemble (NJCOGZ) has come a long way since the inception of the National Junior College Chinese Orchestra in 1970. With a modest group of dedicated members, the Orchestra has grown in strength over the years. In 2003, the National Junior College GuzhengEnsemble was officially established and together with the Orchestra, they formed NJCOGZ. Today, the 120 musicians in NJCOGZ bond through their love for the arts while developing musical and characterexcellence.

Under the excellence guidance of our conductors, Mr Sim Boon Yew for Senior High Chinese Orchestra, Mr Goh Wei Hong for Junior High Chinese Orchestra, and Ms Xu Hui for both Senior High and Junior High Guzheng Ensemble, NJCOGZ has expanded their repertoire and done the college proud through numerous achievements.

NJCOGZ provides its members with numerous platforms to showcase their talents and music. Within
the College, NJCOGZ has contributed performances to Lunar New Year and College Day celebrations.
Beyond the College, NJCOGZ has participated in several highly esteemed local and international
musical events.

Besides honing technical skills through challenging traditional Chinese music, NJCOGZ has a
repertoire that spans a variety of genres including both English and Chinese pop songs, Indonesian
cultural folk songs as well as Western classical pieces. Through exchange programmes with esteemed
musicians such as Professor Ku Pao-Wen, members have the chance to gain exposure and enrich their
musicianship. NJCOGZ also plays an active role in values education through various community
outreach such as activities in collaboration with grassroots organisations, Very Special Arts (VSA) and
Tan Tock Seng Hospital. In 2018, NJCOGZ launched its signature values-in-action (VIA) project in
collaboration with Tiong Bahru Community Centre, Music For Your Years! 1, – a luncheon concert with
games for seniors living in Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru.

Guided by a burning passion for music and a desiring heart to serve the community, NJOGZ is an
energetic and dynamic performing arts group which strives to bring out the best in all its members, and
to share the peace and joy of music through our musical endeavours.

CCA vision/mission/values
NJCOGZ members strive to be civil and altruistic individuals with a deep sense of responsibility to the
CCA, College & Country. Their passion and joy for Chinese music is nurtured in a vibrant learning
environment where every member demonstrates resilience and excellence in their mastery of the skills
and values integral to the Aesthetics. They are enterprising in their approach towards leading and
serving the CCA with sensitivity and honour.

The Chinese Orchestra and Guzheng Ensemble training programme seeks to achieve the following
1. Lower Junior High (Secondary 1-2) students,
a. Enjoy the process of listening to, learning about and playing a variety of Chinese music,
and develop basic technical skills
b. Understand the college values of civility, altruism, resilience and enterprise

2. Upper Junior High (Secondary 3-4) students,
a. Attain proficiency in playing Chinese music and ability to put up performances for the
b. Exemplify the college values of civility, altruism, resilience and enterprise

3. Senior High (JC1-2) students,
a. Gain mastery of technical skills involved in playing Chinese music, and ability to put up 2 acclaimed performances
b. Personify the college values of civility, altruism, resilience and enterprise