Image 01The NJC Climbing team has its humble beginnings as a small interest group who wanted to explore further on Sport Climbing. While we have grown significantly in size, our members still enjoy climbing activities at the College’s Boulder Gym which is also the first Boulder Gym in Singapore to have a Tsunami wall. We hope to provide an environment to develop adventurous individuals with a sustained lifelong passion for the sport of climbing. We value unity and our family comprises not just current students and teachers but also alumni, who even after they graduate, frequently come back to assist in training activities.

The NJC Climbing team trains at least twice a week, with training schedule being ramped up to three times a week in preparation for climbing competitions. To allow students to challenge themselves in the sport of climbing, the College sends us to take part in various competitions, including the National Inter-Schools Competitions as well as competitions that are open to the public. We train in 3 disciplines of the sport including speed climbing, sport climbing and bouldering. During CCA activities, students of the NJC Climbing team also learn about safety knowledge as well as belay techniques and will graduate with certification in Level 1 and Level 2 Sport Climbing. We also organise various camps, bonding activities as well as overseas trips to allow students to explore different climbing terrain.

The NJC Climbing team prides itself in its ability to develop individuals who demonstrate mental resilience to overcome challenges faced and this has allowed us to achieve various notable accolades and achievements at the National Inter-Schools Competitions. Our alumni often go on to join the Varsity climbing teams and have continued to do well in the sport.We are proud to be home of passionate individuals and sportsmen who excel in their endeavours and a united family who bond through sharing the passion for the sport of climbing with others.