Track and Field / Cross-Country

Image 01The Track and Field / Cross-Country CCA functions as one big family despite having 6 very distinctive groups of students who specialise in skills of sprinting, jumping, throwing, long distance running, race walking and hurdling. We welcome students from both junior and senior high levels, regardless of their prior experience.

The Track and Field team has made its mark in various competitions and events, and stands by a strong training programme for the team. Leaders are nominated to attend the College’s Youth Leadership Training Camp.

We provide ample opportunities for students to work with track teams from other schools, the National Sporting Association (Singapore Athletics Association), meet with International Track Athletes and Local National Athletes, enter various competitions for all disciplines and all ages (not limited to just school team members). Also, our members get to participate in Values In Action programmes like working with disadvantaged children and raising awareness for organisations as well as experience leadership positions under the mentorship of teachers & coaches.