Image 01 Bound together by our shared love for the English Language, ELDDES is a family of 4 that aims to cultivate the appreciation of various arts.

The 4 wings under our umbrella each focuses on a different area of expression: for the writers, consider being a part of the Literary wing if you have an interest in creative writing, or join the Editorial wing if you are more into journalism; for the actors, Drama provides an unrivalled avenue for you to showcase your acting prowess, or if you would like to be involved in what goes on behind the scenes, Drama welcomes you with open arms as well; for those of you who have always been fascinated by the passionate and lightning-fast exchange of words, Debate is the perfect place for you to develop and hone these skills.

Image 02Besides participating in National competitions, the ELDDES family also regularly hold events such as Poetry Evening and Dramafest, and provide opportunities for students to work on publications such as Keluar Baris, an annual anthology of creative works, all written and edited by students.

Interested in one or more of these wings? Join the family today!
“Excelsior! Ars gratia artis”

Editorial: @njeditorial
LitWing: @hellolitwing