Image 01NJC Floorball is a strong community of dedicated and disciplined individuals, who display a keen sense of resilience and conviction in their undertakings. In addition, to developing proficiency in the Floorball sport, NJC Floorball provides opportunities for students to learn and grow as leaders and team players simultaneously. As a Senior High CCA, NJC Floorballers are well-equiped with the important capacities for respect, perserverance, focus, and time management, just to name a few, all of which will serve to benefit them in their future endeavours. Through the multiple programmes and rigourous training sessions, passion and commitment are nurtured to bring out the best in every NJC Floorballer.

The CCA mission is to instill a sense of pride in Floorballers, as well as to create a bonded, closely-knit community of Floorballers.  Their vision is to build a community where all individuals work together as a unit to overcome problems and obstacles.

“Team before Self.”