Image 01NJC Floorball aims to instill a sense of pride in Floorballers, as well as to create a closely-knit community where all individuals work together as a unit to overcome problems and obstacles.

Through the rigorous training sessions, our floorballers are trained to improve their physical strength, as well as build up their tactical awareness and skills. Despite the potential setbacks that we might face during a game , we always strive to improve and work on our weaknesses, enabling ourselves to emerge better and stronger than before, not only as a floorballer but also as a team player. Unity is also an important aspect of out CCA. Through our interactions on and off the court, friendships with our teammates develop and this is vital in a team sport. In addition, at NJC Floorball, we aim to strike a balance between CCA and studies, where we strive to achieve both on court and in our academic work.

After going through the Floorball experience, floorballers are equipped with important skill sets such as time management, perseverance and teamwork . These skills will serve to benefit our members in their future endeavours.

“Team before Self.”