Ildds 04Mission: To mould every member into a committed and passionate individual, instil a sense of belonging     and camaraderie and build a closely-knit family.

Vision: Bringing NJC Indians together and creating a sense of cultural identity through a myriad of programmes.

We are from the NJC Indian Literary Drama and Debating Society (ILDDS) and we welcome all of you warm-heartedly to join our ILDDS family. All of us in ILDDS love Indian culture and we aim to conserve and cultivate it through avenues such as drama and debate as well as through attending and hosting other literary events. We actively organise and participate in programmes and enrichment opportunities that promote and celebrate Indian culture so that our members will develop not only a stronger appreciation of the Indian culture, but also team work, leadership and communication skills.

Our passion and interest in the Indian Culture has also motivated us to take part in many competitions and we are proud to say that we have done well and achieved many awards over the years.

Programmes and Enrichment Opportunities

Inter JC Tamil Debate A Tamil Debate competition hosted by NJC
Surabi An Indian LDDS Show hosted by NJC ILDDS
Immersion Programmes We organize activities for overseas students visiting the NJC campus. An interactive experience that enables us to learn more about
Deepavali Concert The annual Deepavali concert is put up by NJ ILDDS; both in the aspects of planning and performances. This allows students to exhibit a wide range of talents.
VIA This year NJC ILDDS will be working closely with Bishan YAEC as we are actively involed in their Reading Programmes. An enriching experience that allows us to interact with the future generation of Singapore as we hope to aid them in their grasp of the English language.
SINDA Youth Leadership Symposium An exciting camp that all members are given an opportunity to attend on a yearly basis that not only hones our leadership skills but also our people skills. With the aim of making us better leaders, it teaches us to interact with others in a professional manner in the prospect of a project.