Ildds 04En nenjil kudiyirukkum tamizh nanba nanbigale!

NJC Indian Literary Dramatic and Debating Society (ILDDS): Home of Indian culture, Heart of various talents! We are highly interested in the Indian culture and aim to conserve and cultivate it through drama and debate as well as through attending and hosting other literary events. We actively organize and participate in programmes and enrichment opportunities to promote and celebrate Indian culture. Velainu vandhuta vellaikaaran da!

Our passion and interest in the Indian Culture has also motivated us to take part in many competitions. We are proud to showcase our achievements over the past few years. We oganise the Inter JC Tamil Debate, the Tamil Debate competition held biennially that is hosted by NJC, where students can showcase their brilliant oratorical skills in the form of a dramatic speech. We also showcase our home-grown talents through drama, dance and music. This is held together with the Debate competition, Surabhi , an event not to be missed in the midst of a heated atmosphere. Dance and drama performances are put up for other JC students to sit back and enjoy. Our members also went the extra mile and participated in the President’s Challenge.

“When life gives you lemons, make ooruga”