Ildds 04NJC Indian Literary Dramatic and Debating Society (ILDDS) warmly welcomes you to join our family. We are highly interested in the Indian culture and aim to conserve and cultivate it through avenues such as drama and debate as well as through attending and hosting other literary events. W

e actively organize and participate in programs and enrichment opportunities to promote and celebrate Indian culture. This allows our members to develop a stronger sense of appreciation for the Indian culture in addition to important skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication.

Our passion and interest in the Indian Culture has also motivated us to take part in many competitions. We are proud to showcase our achievements over the past few years.

Programs and Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Inter JC Tamil Debate: An annual Tamil Debate competition hosted by NJC. On even years.
  • Surabhi: A showcase of our own home-grown talents through drama, dance, music and much more.
  • Immersion Programs: We organize activities for overseas students visiting the NJC campus. An interactive experience that enables us to share about our culture and identity to students who have never experienced it before.
  • Deepavali Concert: Every year, ILDDS plans and puts up a Deepavali concert to educate fellow NJCians on the significance of this festival and join the students in our celebrations. This is done through drama, dance, fashion shows, games, and of course food.
  • SINDA Youth Leadership Symposium: An exciting camp that all members are given an opportunity to attend on a yearly basis that hones out leadership and facilitation skills. With the aim of making us better leaders, it helps in cultivating better communication skills with other youths and the community. Shapes one as a leader through various activities planned by them to serve the community.

“When life gives you lemons, make ooruga”