Netball 03“Individually unique, Together complete.” The NJC Netball team’s motto serves as a representation and a reminder that Netball can never be a one-man game. With each player only allowed in certain areas of the court, teamwork is an integral part of the sport and every player is important in ensuring the team’s success.

The NJC Netball team seeks to develop all-rounded individuals, where members excel not only in the sport, but also in other domains of their life. Our girls develop good sportsmanship, leadership skills and resilience through their experiences in NJ Netball. Our team also strives to push ourselves beyond our limits and aim for the best, while enjoying this process at the same time.

NJ Netball consists of dedicated, committed members who are driven and passionate towards the game. We hope to continue to bring glory to the school through our hard work and determination, in the pursuit of excellence and love for our sport.

CCA-Based VIA: Collaboration with Care Corner
NJ Netball has been working closely with Care Corner to plan various activities for beneficiaries coming from different backgrounds. For instance, we helped to organise and carry out a Christmas Party and an Inter-generation Day, both for low-income families living in the vicinity. Our experiences have certainly been meaningful and invaluable as we see the smiles on the beneficiaries while as they enjoy the programmes we have planned for them. The hard work we have put in together has also helped us foster stronger bonds between one another in the team.

Netball-related VIA
Our team also actively participates in events organised by Netball Singapore, offering our help as volunteers. Some events we have volunteered for include Mission Foods Beach Netball Festival and the M1 Corporate Challenge.