Science & Technology Society

The NJC Science & Technology Society aims to nurture passionate young leaders in the fields of science and technology. Members will be engaged in exploring the wonders of science, and spread their passion for science within the school and beyond.

The astronomy wing of S&T is a place to share our collective knowledge, and nurture an ongoing growing interest for the science of astronomy. Our aim is to provide opportunities for members to participate in the joy of learning and understanding of the cosmos and beyond. We also organize activities to simulate an interest in astronomy amongst the school community and beyond.


Development Programmes and Enrichment Opportunities
(Eg. CCA-Based VIA, Competitions, Camps, Trips, Leadership Development etc)

Members will be given a chance to organize and/or be involved in the carrying out of science-related events in the college, such as Singapore International Science Challenge (SISC), SPARKS, Sigma Science Week, STaR Symposium, Engineering Day, etc. There are external field trips, workshops and camps organized throughout the year.

Depending on interest, members can choose to be part of any of the following specialized sub-committees: 3D Modeling/Printing, Science Exhibits, VIA or Publications.

Members of Astronomy wing are a community of learners. We meet on Fridays to have friendly sessions where we engage in interesting lectures or learn through hands-on activities. We also do star-gazing on a regular basis using the telescopes we own – portable ones in school, as well as a state-of-the-art computerized observatory in the boarding school.

Members have the chance to participate in astronomy related competitions, external field trips. We also organize outreach programmes that provide the general school populace a chance to engage in astronomy  (Backyard Astronomy at the boarding school), as well as for wider public (workshops for primary and secondary students), where we get to share our passion for astronomy and star gazing, and the joy of learning and exploring about the cosmos.