Image 01The NJC Softball Team strives to cultivate the best team players who play with aggression, commitment and discipline. As a team, we will support and fight together to achieve excellence. The NJC Softball team lives by the motto: Scoring homeruns in all fields of life! Going beyond the playing field, the Softball team are individuals that embody the core values:

  • Humility
  • Open-mindedness
  • Mettle
  • Excellence
  • Run
  • Unity
  • Noisy

Living by these, the team participates in various activities and has also gone ahead to achieve at the National Schools Softball Championship. NJC Softball has 4 divisions, A,B,C Div girls and A Div boys. Softballers will be able to participate in the following competitions and activities


  • National Schools Softball Championship
  • Singapore Recreation Club Softball Carnival


  • Camp Grow, collaboration with Tampines Primary School Self-development


  • First-Aid course
  • Pitching workshop Leadership Developments
  • Training and bonding camps
  • Leaders will be nominated for the annual NJC Youth Leaders Training Camp