Softball 02Mission
Driven by passion and determination, we trust, support and bring out the best in one another on and off the field.

To build a family of spirited softballers confident in who they are and what they can do.

The NJC Softball Team strives to cultivate the best team players who play with aggression, commitment and discipline. As a team, we will support and fight together to achieve excellence.

The NJC Softball team lives by the motto: Scoring homeruns in all fields of life! Going beyond the playing field, the Softball team are individuals that embody the core values: Humility Open-mindedness Mettle Excellence Run Unity Noisy.

Living by these, the team participates in various activities and has also gone ahead to achieve at the National Schools Softball Championship.

Softballers will be able to participate in the following competitions and activities

1.    National Schools Softball Championship
2.    Singapore Recreation Club Softball Carnival
3.    Kallang Open

1.    Camp Grow, collaboration with Calvary Community Care

Self-development Workshops
1.    First-Aid course
2.    Pitching workshop

Leadership Developments 
1.    Training and bonding camps
2.    Leaders will be nominated for the annual NJC Youth Leaders Training Camp