Student Council

Image 01The NJC Student Council believes that having a joyful and lively school environment is essential for the creation of school spirit and the cultivation of a positive and healthy school culture. Student Councillors who enroll in the Student Council will hone and utilise their leadership skills – teamwork skills, communication skills, decision making skills etc. – to help create a joyful and lively school environment so that their peers will look forward to coming to school and to enjoy learning.

The NJC Student Council aims to develop students’ ability to observe and identify areas of improvement and to think of innovative ideas to make life in NJC more vibrant and meaningful. They will also hone their leadership skills through organising school events and communicating and working with others, thereby becoming more aware of what good leadership entails and what they need to do to be a good leader.

Through the leadership training and development opportunities offered to our councillors, they will grow to be self-regulated and learn to monitor and reflect on what they have done and to think of ways to improve how things are done in future. In so doing, they will serve the College and their peers with respect, humility and joy. Student Councillors will take part in enrichment opportunities such as council-initiated VIA, leadership camps and leadership development workshops/courses conducted by teachers, vendors or invited speakers.

A united team of resilient servant leaders who strive for the betterment of our College, through upholding the NJC spirit of Service with Honour.  A resilient and adaptable council that can respond to the changing needs of the College and do their best to serve with honour.

● Commitment to Building Community – to create a sense of community so that all NJCians feel included; to share the role and responsibility of leadership with other student leaders so that all student leaders will have vested interest in bettering the lives of NJCians

● Commitment to Growing People – to guide and develop those whom they work and interact with so that they can influence others to become better versions of themselves

● College Values: Civility, Altruism, Resilience, Enterprise

“Live Love Lead, Hearts to Serve”