Student Council

Image 01The NJC Student Council believes that having a joyful and lively school environment is essential for the creation of school spirit and the cultivation of a positive and healthy school culture. Student Councillors will hone and utilise their teamwork, leadership, communication and decision-making skills while leading and working alongside the student body, to create a better NJ experience for all.

The NJC Student Council aims to develop our councillor’s’ ability to observe and identify areas of improvement and to think of innovative ideas to make life in NJC more vibrant and meaningful. Additionally, councillors develop their teamwork and leadership skills through organising College events and communicating and working with other NJCians to implement student-led initiatives. Through the leadership training and development opportunities offered to our councillors, they learn to be self-regulated: they can monitor and reflect on what they have learnt and transfer their learning to future situations.

Councillors work with diverse groups of individuals whom they foster long-lasting friendships with. The nature of our work is collaborative and stimulating, and we often feel an immense sense of satisfaction upon the completion of our initiatives, especially when we know that we have created a positive impact on our peers’ lives.

“Live Love Lead, Hearts to Serve”