Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band 01CCA Vision: NJC Symphonic Band is a family of musicians who triumph with harmony. 

CCA Mission: To always pursue musical excellence with pride, perseverance and unity.

We are from the NJC Symphonic Band and we enjoy being in band simply because we love music! Not only do we learn how to become better at playing our instruments, we also get numerous opportunities to bond with each other, especially when we perform as one band. Through our experiences of making music together, we learn the values of respect, teamwork, discipline and professionalism. With these values passed down from generations since 1969, we are indeed honoured to continue the legacy of our band.

To help us hone our musical skills, our band members take part in workshops and exchanges with band members from other schools to learn from others who also share the same passion for music. Besides that, our band members also get the opportunity to perform at our annual band concert, Etude, and at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Band (Concert). More information about our achievements and development programmes and opportunities can be found here.

Development Programmes and Opportunities

  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Band (Concert) for both Secondary School and Junior College/Centralised Institute Levels (in Apr/May)
  • Etude – NJC Symphonic Band Annual Concert (in May/July)
  • Exchanges with Bands from other secondary schools and junior colleges
  • Wind Bands Association of Singapore (WBAS) Student Leader Workshop (in Sep), and Band Festival (in Dec)*
  • Overseas Exchange Programme and/or Band Festival*

*subject to changes