Western Dance

Image 01NJC Western Dance is a contemporary dance group which is founded upon our passion for dance. We aim to become a highly regarded dance group and we work towards improving and pushing ourselves beyond our limits. As dancers working in a closely-knitted team, the team is always at the forefront of our minds. Apart from having vigorous training sessions which train us to push beyond our comfort zones and expose us to new ways of expressing ourselves, we have the opportunity to play a part in performing in intra-College and external events such as the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation for Dance (International Dance Category). These performance opportunities have definitely helped us to gain more stage experiences and has allowed us to achieve many accolades. These accolades are a tangible display of our hard work, resilience and dedication of the dancers in the team.

Furthermore, our dancers have opportunities to hone their leadership skills by taking on leadership positions at both the JH and SH levels. These include being part of the Executive Committee (EXCO) and various sub-committees. Our dancers also organise and participate in Values-In-Action (VIA) activities with the goal of serving the community through dance, and to contribute to arts appreciation in Singapore.

Through our shared experiences, we build strong bonds, support and encourage each other to strive for improvement. We fight through every ordeal as a team, and emerge from it even stronger. We hope that our performance reflects our emotions, and “to watch us dance, is to hear our hearts speak”.