Junior High (Integrated Programme)

Our Junior High offers a 6-year educational programme which is customised for ability-driven, broad-based and inter-disciplinary application learning with a strong emphasis on independence, character development and national education.

Our curriculum philosophy is to nurture deep learners, critical and collaborative thinkers, and active citizens who aspire to add value to the lives of others, in line with our motto Service with Honour. At the core of this integrated programme are the principles of key talent-development curriculum models used in today’s educational landscape.

To achieve this, we offer a range of subjects available to all secondary school students, but foreground the inter-disciplinary connections between each subject to enable our students to gain a holistic view of knowledge and transfer their learning to the real world.

In addition, our curriculum incorporates special subjects such as Thinking, and Drama at lower Junior High, and Advanced Science, Advanced Inquiry in Mathematics, Advanced Humanities, Advanced Language Arts and Man & Ideas at upper Junior High, and milestone programmes such as SPIRE, STaR and a STEAM final year project, all capitalising on our strength as a research hub.

Our various growth and development programmes, with a highlight being a residential experience in our boarding school, underscore our desire to offer the opportunities to turn a child’s various gifts to relevant talents for the future.

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