Junior High Mathematics

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The Junior High Mathematics Programme aims to imbue in students the traits and the development of skills which are aligned with our desired outcomes. We aim to develop in each student:

(i) a Self-Regulated Learner who adopts a positive learning attitude; initiates, directs and reflects his/her own learning to foster the 21st Century Competencies. One also seeks to acquire and sustain the joy of learning in and beyond the classroom;

(ii) a Problem Solver who possesses a strong foundation of conceptual understanding and skills to think critically and solve problems with creative perspectives; and

(iii) an Effective Communicator who is able to articulate his mathematical ideas and reasoning verbally and in writing.

In lower Junior High, students learn the foundational algebraic concepts and skills. In addition, the teaching of computational thinking skills is integrated in the syllabus and an appreciation of the application of Mathematics in Art is cultivated. In upper Junior High, students are exposed to higher-order thinking questions to foster their analytical and critical-thinking skills.  These skills are essential to having a good understanding of the subject at the Senior High level. In Junior High 4, all students get exposure to interdisciplinary learning through the Design Thinking framework. Students who want to challenge themselves further in Mathematics can enrol in the Advanced Inquiry in Mathematics (AIM) Programme. (see Advanced Inquiry in Mathematics)