Advanced Humanities

“The arts and the humanities teach us who we are and what we can be.” – Ronald Reagan

1) What is Advanced Humanities?
Advanced Humanities (AH) is a 2-year programme that offers an interdisciplinary Humanities curriculum at JH3s and JH4s which allows students to make connections between the different subjects, as well as to what is happening in the real world. Students take this as an additional subject on top of History or Geography, and Governance and Society, in Upper JH. 

2) What do we do in AH?
We employ a modular approach that includes fieldwork, where students work on project topics that they craft together with their mentors that allow them to engage in the real life application of knowledge. The modules we offer are constantly updated in line with current trends and student interest. Some examples include:

  • The evolution of the disciplines: Historiography and Geographic Thought 
  • Film and History
  • Model United Nations
  • Geopolitics
  • Research Studies 

As an extension to the Research Studies module, all AH students are also given the opportunity to take part in international Research Exchange Programmes (IREPs) with our overseas partner universities, as well as the MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (HSSRP), which provides participants with the opportunity to engage in research under the guidance of university professors in the various fields in the Humanities and Social Sciences, who act as mentors to the students’ project. Other platforms where our students present their research projects include the annual International Humanities Symposium.

3) How do I join AH?

  • All JH2 students will be briefed on AH  in Term 3
  • Students indicate their interest to offer AH in JH3
  • Selection test: 500- word essay and group interview 
  • Successful applicants may exercise their choice to select AH as a subject during the JH3 subject combination exercise at the end of JH2

4) Application prerequisites: 

  • ‘A’ grade for JH1 and JH2 History and Geography modules
  • Teacher Recommendation

*exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis

5) For more information:
HOD Humanities: Ms Valerie Cher 

1 Happenings At Humanities Programme


Unnamed (1)

AH students exploring the Bukit Timah Railway Station with Ms Stella Wee of URA.

Unnamed (2)

AH students attending a workshop conducted by Urban Sketchers

Unnamed (3)

AH students working on maps in the Geopolitics module 

Unnamed (4)

AH students working on their urban mapping of Little India.

5 Best Research Award

AH students were awarded the Best Research Award for their research project on Migrants in the 2021 International Humanities Symposium.

Unnamed (5)

AH students presenting their projects in the International Research Exchange Programme with Kanazawa University Senior High School.

6 Ah Students Spore Model United Nations

AH students taking part in the Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN) in 2021.