Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue language department is guided by the MOE “O” level syllabus. We offer Express MTL and Higher MTL. In line with our integrated programme, we aim to create a vibrant learning environment which allows students to learn their respective mother tongue languages in a lively and joyful way. Students learn the 5 core skills namely speaking, writing, listening, reading and thinking skills through various platforms.  JH1 students learn through song appreciation, JH2 movie appreciation, JH3’s 5 core skills are shaped through termly debate class competition and JH4 will discuss current affairs topics through live forum discussions.

We believe that Mother language teaching and learning should stimulate the interest of every child and engage them meaningfully. The MTL lessons value authenticity as we believe language learning has to apply to daily life experiences. Students also learn their culture and application of language through various festive celebrations and the annual MTL fortnight that is organised by the department.