Tamil Language Elective Programme

The Tamil Language Elective Programme (TLEP) was introduced at National Junior College (NJC) in the year 2020. NJC is honoured to have been selected by the Ministry of Education (MOE) as one of the two centres to offer this programme. The pioneer batch consists of ten students, of whom four are scholars who were awarded the TLEP scholarship by MOE.

The signature modules of TLEP offered in NJC have benefitted the students vastly and supported their development as well-rounded learners and individuals. The wide range of modules such as Movies and Songs Appreciation, Poetry Workshop, Short Story Penning Workshop have encouraged students to explore individual interests. Students have taken full advantage of this TLEP as it has given them the chance to explore new options, allowing them to study more about the subject they are passionate about and has enabled them to  test drive new activities. Tlep

Other modules such as Translation and Short Film Making are in the pipeline and will help to enhance the creativeness as well as effective thinking, problem solving and the research skills of students. The Translation Programme paves the way for achieving specific grammatical, sociolinguistic, discursive, and transfer skills.

The Short Film Making module concretizes learning, supporting creative thinking, strengthening visual comprehension, and bringing variety to the teaching-and-the learning process. It also enables students to play an active role in their learning. Opportunities to watch and produce short films are also made available to all the students as these are highly relevant skills in the present context.


Students of TLEP in NJC can expect opportunities that will provide them with the necessary skills to improve creativity that one might not find in the traditional classroom, and in the process help them to discover new things. 

Eligible students are admitted into NJC via DSA or JAE through the NJC Tamil Language Elective Programme. 

For complete details on TLEP, do visit https://go.gov.sg/tlepinfosheet. You may also contact the Tamil Language teachers at the following emails:

Name of ML Teacher Email
Mr Shah shah_mohamed@moe.edu.sg
Mr Victor dassiah_victor_john@moe.edu.sg