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Biology develops students’ scientific mind and disposition while addressing the broader questions of what life is and how life is sustained. Using investigative approaches, students will look at how biological systems work at the micro-level, and their interaction with the physiological and organismal levels. They will gain science inquiry skills and learn to make connection between Biology and society. Some highlights of the Biology learning experience include learning about the recent advancements in new and important fields of biology, using advanced equipment such as gel electrophoresis chamber to separate mixtures of DNA, RNA, or proteins and engage in discussion about the impact of human activities to the environment as well as the ethical implications of biological applications.

There are many enrichment opportunities to deepen students’ appreciation of the subject and explore career in Biology. Students can attend universities workshops and learning journey such as Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum evolution workshop.  Students with a keen interest in medicine can participate in competitions, such as the International Biomedical Quiz and LKC Medicine Anatomy Challenge, where they will have the opportunity to interact  with medical professionals to understand more about medical careers.