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“There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.”  – Harry S.Truman                       

The NJC History department seeks to develop students who are balanced, discerning, empathetic, inquiring, knowledgeable and methodical individuals who are able to make well-reasoned arguments and decisions. We aim to teach students to critically evaluate different interpretations of the past in order to develop their own nuanced understanding of History. Students will learn both the content and the skills required to negotiate the myriad perspectives they will be exposed to, learning to weigh arguments based on their logical and evidentiary merits. Sustained exposure to primary sources will also cultivate in students the judgement and savvy required to negotiate the information rich world of today.

The ‘A’ Level History syllabus focuses on developing students’ understandings of the key forces that shaped major international and regional developments of the twentieth century. Students will learn how the watershed of World War II led to the start of Cold War, an iconic conflict whose effects still linger today. Studying the development of the global economy and the United Nations from 1945 through periods of growth, stagnation or decline will deepen students understanding of how todays’ economic systems and international organisations have been shaped by the previous century. Students will also acquire a robust knowledge of Southeast Asia by examining how its constituent nations developed after independence, grew their economies, and dealt with regional conflict and cooperation, thus acquiring a holistic understanding of how the politics, economics and society of the region that shaped our past continue to manifest today.