Mother Tongue

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The Mother Tongue language is guided by the MOE “A” level syllabus. We offer MTL B, H1MTL and H2MTLL in NJC. The MTL B and H1MTL is an extension of their Junior MTLB and Express MTL curriculum. Students learn the 5 core skills namely speaking, writing, listening, reading and thinking skills through seminar and tutorial lesson style. Teachers often engage students in class discussions, movie and song appreciation and many life examples are shared so that students could apply skills learnt in daily lives. Students are to score at least a pass grade for CL B and a S grade for H1MTL for local university admission.

The H2MTLL curriculum are for those who has strong foundation in the language and are passionate in language and literature study. The curriculum covers drama, poem, prose and novel study to allow students to appreciate the literature. The lessons are in seminar style and teachers puts focus in cultivating students’ critical and creative thinking skills.

In 2019 NJC was one of 2 Junior Colleges selected to offer the Tamil Language Elective Programme (TLEP) meant for students who excel in the language to pursue their passion for and interest in Tamil.  The wide range of modules offered such as Movies and Songs Appreciation, Poetry Workshop, Short Story Penning Workshop have encouraged students to explore individual interests, the chance to explore new options, allowing them to study more about the subject they are passionate about, and has enabled them to  ‘test drive’ new activities.