Project Work

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“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” – Voltaire

Voltaire’s insight into the most effective way to solve problems holds true till today. Project Work should not merely be about addressing issues that concern people, but more importantly, addressing issues in a rigorous, systematic manner through an iterative process of analysis, innovation, evaluation and repeating the cycle all over again to generate the best strategies possible.

Project Work develops in students intellectual resilience, to withstand the demands on the mind, when pursuing this highly exploratory learning experience that does not have any prior models, formulae, answers or solutions to follow. The challenge is compounded by the complex environment today, where it is impossible to easily establish the veracity and stability of information or causes of any situations, despite an unprecedented access to available resources. Through NJC’s human-centred Design Thinking and Critical Thinking framework and pedagogies, students will undergo a strenuous, and yet no doubt highly rewarding time. With interdisciplinary knowledge and collaboration skills, students will certainly emerge from Project Work, ready to “assault” any problems that come their way in future.