Environmental Awareness


National Junior College strongly supports energy conservation and keeping the environment green. We have been awarded various Schools’ Green Audit Awards since 2005, including Outstanding Environment Outreach Awards. These recognise our continued commitment in the areas of energy conservation; biodiversity enhancement; waste resource minimisation and management through green infrastructural and project initiatives at the school management, staff and student levels.

While the whole NJC community including school canteen vendors and PArents-in-ACTion group are involved in environmental conservation projects, the Greenlink Club is a key mover of our College’s conservation efforts. The club liaises with external environmental conservation groups such as Singapore Environment Council, Northwest CDC and NParks to embark on environmental and conservation work.

Key events on our college green calendar are the annual Earth Week and the biennial Green Symposium, where green activities such as panel discussions, games and competitions are held to inculcate green awareness in our students. In addition, our college has standing waste minimisation and management activities like vermicomposting workshops and roadshows, in-house recycling programmes, and biodiversity projects to increase the range of plants and wildlife on our campus.

Greenlink Club has been highlighted in the news as the club that has made conscious effort to propagate knowledge and skills in vermicomposting. In 2017 and 2018, Greenlink Club conducted more than 10 DIY worm factory and outreach workshops to teach NJC, PAACT, Watten Estate, kindergarten and the public participants how to make their own mini-worm factories suitable for their everyday kitchen use. The NJC gardens have been selected by NParks for inclusion as part of their Festival of Biodiversity public garden tours event because of our impressive range of biodiversity. More information on the completed events and participation opportunities in our upcoming green activities can be found on the Greenlink Club blog.