In pursuit of our College motto of “Service with Honour”, community service is a prominent feature of student life in NJC. A crucial component of character education and the promotion of active citizenry, our Values-In-Action (VIA) Programme aims to cultivate the hearts and minds of both staff and students. Through active and sustained participation in community service, our students develop a strong sense of social responsibility and empathy as a contributing member of society and engage themselves in a life of noble purpose. VIA is also an avenue for students to develop leadership skills along the lines of Servant Leadership, apply their creativity and problem-solving skills in real life contexts and acquire a deeper understanding of their community. These contribute to the development of our students as responsible future leaders who serve with not only with passion but also with sensitivity.

Our VIA Programmes are built upon the principle of sustainability to both local and overseas community partner. Students across the Junior High and Senior High are also given varied levels of student ownership to conceptualize the community projects to meet the needs of the community. Through this process, both our teachers and community partners are mentors to the students, ensuring an authentic learning experience for the students.

For more info and updates on our programme, please refer to NJC VIA Programmes