In pursuit of our College motto of “Service with Honour”, community service is a prominent feature of student life in NJC. A crucial component of character education and the promotion of active citizenry, our Values-In-Action (VIA) Programme aims to cultivate the hearts and minds of both staff and students. Through active and sustained participation in community service, our students develop a strong sense of social responsibility and empathy as a contributing member of society and engage themselves in a life of noble purpose. VIA is also an avenue for students to develop leadership skills along the lines of Servant Leadership, apply their creativity and problem-solving skills in real life contexts and acquire a deeper understanding of their community. These contribute to the development of our students as responsible future leaders who serve with not only with passion but also with sensitivity.

Our students thus take the initiative to conceptualize sustained local and overseas community service projects that serve the needs of the community in their chosen field, providing for a meaningful and enriching experience. Some of the regular projects and activities that form part of our Values In Action Programme include:

Overseas Community Service Trips

Overseas community service is strongly encouraged as a platform for our students to gain global exposure and to apply their strengths to serve the needs of the local and international community. Community service is a component of the programme for some overseas field trips conducted for Junior High students, and the College collaborates with organizations such as the People’s Association’s Youth Movement and the NJC Parents’ Support Group (PAACT) to conduct multiple overseas community service trips throughout the year to countries such as the Maldives, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Community Service Projects under the YMCA-Citibank Youth For Causes Initiative

Every year, many of our students successfully apply for support and funding from the YMCA-Citibank Youth for Causes initiative, allowing them to initiate a project in aid of a chosen charity. An example of projects led by NJC students are those that benefit the Children’s Cancer Society.

National Youth Council Young Changemakers Panel

Our students are also involved in the National Youth Council Young Changemakers Panel. As members of the panel, they contribute to the community by identifying community service projects to fund and mentor, assisting them in making a difference.

Several platforms exist to recognize our students’ efforts in becoming agents of change in the community. Among the highest levels of recognition is the Lim Kim Woon Award. Named after the first Principal of the College and initiated by the NJC Alumni, this award recognizes deserving students who exemplify the College Motto of “Service with Honour.”