National Education


Our National Education (NE) Programme aims at empowering students with the relevant skills for their role as future leaders, and focuses on developing their conviction and commitment to leading and serving the community and the nation. All students have opportunities to experience a varied and structured programme through the formal and informal curricula. Some activities that students will be involved in are as follows:

  • Commemoration of Major Core Events – Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day
  • Celebration of Major Ethnic Festivals – Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Mid-Autumn Festival
  • NJC’s Cultural Mapping-On-The-Move [C’MOM] Trails
  • NJC’s Governance and Society Modules
  • NJC’s National Education Boarding Programme
  • Learning Journeys to various sites

NE ambassadors champion our NE initiatives, under the guidance of the NE Committee. They collaborate with other student leaders and collectively, they have the authentic leadership experience in conceptualising, planning, organising, facilitating and reviewing our signature programmes.

If you would like to find out more about our C’MOM or any NE initiatives or you would like to speak with our NE ambassadors, you may contact any one of the NE Committee members:

Celebrating INTEGRATION: Our MRT – C’MOM

C’MOM is NJC’s signature interactive mobile learning initiative built upon four main themes: Heartware, History, Lifestyle, Nature and sustainedSG50 since 2005. We have taken our uniquely NJC’s Home@Bukit Timah C’MOM Trails to a higher levelin 2015, and contributed to SG50. Our student-owned SG50 initiative, “Celebrating INTEGRATION: Our MRT – C’MOM”, celebrates the infrastructural, social and cultural integration that has been and will continue to be critical to Singapore’s success and identity.

Our MRT – C’MOM Trail leverages technology for participants to experience how the MRT networks integrate the physical spaces of Singapore seamlessly, making places around Singapore easily accessible. The trail also allows participants to appreciate how the MRT networks bring people to places where we live, work and play, integrating the different dimensions of our lives into a harmonious whole.

Our MRT – C’MOM Trail participants will enjoy a varied combination of real-time cultural experiences through a range of interactive activities facilitated at each trail hotspot.  These activities will enable the participants to immerse themselves in the environments and interact with the people in the areas, ultimately learning more about the heritage and significance of our MRT networks.