Humanities Programme

Humanities Programme


The Humanities Scholarship Programme (HSP) in National Junior College seeks to develop students who are passionate in the Humanities through various platforms and opportunities across the years. We believe in the making of a lively and joyful learning environment. For those who seek to take up new adventures and set their own educational journey, our programme is distinguished by the autonomy given to scholars to set their own goals and shape their own learning experiences, under a mentorship programme.

We seek to develop students who will be:

1.    Passionate and engaged in the Humanities
Humanities scholars are given the chance to be fully engaged through seminar-styled classes, mentored by experienced and dedicated teachers. Students enjoy an excellent mentor-mentee relationship, as teachers individually mentor students to identify their individual talents in the Humanities and discuss possible opportunities for these students to pursue their passion.

2.    Confident and Articulate
We believe in the talents of the scholars in our College and thus every scholar is expected to mentor their junior Humanities scholars through a buddy system and to be an example for their peers. Through this experience of helping and supporting others to achieve their goals, scholars become empowered and develop the confidence to become leaders.

3.    Servant leaders who are proactive in their learning
Humanities scholars actively contribute their time, talents and passion for the Humanities back to the College through various student-initiated programmes spearheaded to benefit the community. The notion of serving others is evident from the variety of programmes that our scholars have chosen to be a part of, such as the College’s Leadership Symposium, organising career talks for Arts students and leading learning journeys across Singapore.

4.    Deeply aware of international, regional and local affairs
Stretching one’s cognitive abilities outside of the classroom is an important feature of our programme. Scholars are exposed to experiences outside of Singapore with an overseas field trip planned and designed by them, according to an issue they choose to explore. Technology aids their learning via our Video-Conferencing programme which allows students to engage with their foreign counterparts, to debate and discuss on-going current affairs.

5.    Critical thinkers who apply multidisciplinary approach to issues
Under the mentorship of tutors across the various disciplines, students are given a strong foundation in the Humanities. Scholars are subsequently selected to participate in various local and international competitions and conferences that emphasises the use of mulita-disciplinary thinking in the real world, such as the Harvard Model United Nations Seminar in Boston and the Future Thinking Challenge.

“For me, the humanities scholarship experience in NJC has been edifying in enabling me to step out of my comfort zone, to lead fellow students with a keen interest in the Humanities and augment my own interest in the Arts as well… what made it more memorable was the fact that the HSP functions in NJC as a family of scholars who work hard but play hard together.”
– Edwin Teong, NJC Humanities Scholar (2013 – 2014)

Be part of our family.
For more information on the scholarship and the application process, please refer to MOE website or contact our HOD Humanities.