Humanities Programme@NJC

The NJC Humanities Programme is a stretch programme for students passionate about the Humanities and consists of:

  • Advanced Humanities (AH), a 2 year programme in JH3-4 and
  • The Humanities Integrated Programme (HIP), a 15-month programme in SH1-2. 

 We seek to nurture inspirational Humanities thought leaders who are proactive in serving the community.

The Humanities Programme provides opportunities for students to:

  • Explore an interdisciplinary humanities curriculum, with humanities research elements;
  • Enrich themselves through interaction with experts and peers at external conferences, workshops, competitions, internships, international exchanges and learning journeys, as participants, presenters and co-designers; and
  • Empower themselves through collaborative leadership development opportunities and knowledge-based service projects.

 Happenings @ Humanities Programme

1 Happenings At Humanities ProgrammeJH3 AH students exploring the Bukit Timah Railway Station with URA’s Ms Stella Wee in 2019. Humanities Programme 2n3 

The 2021  SH1 HIP students scoping their Local Experiential Programme (LBEP) topic during HIP lessons. 

4 Circuit Breaking Friendships

AH students presenting their research project at the Gifted Educated Branch’s Individualised Research Study (IRS) Exhibition in 2020. They studied how the pandemic affected the quality of students’ friendships.

5 Best Research AwardAH students were awarded the Best Research Award for their research project on Migrants in the 2021 International Humanities Symposium. 6 Ah Students Spore Model United Nations

AH students taking part in the Singapore Model United Nations in 2021. Ah Students Presenting Project Intel Research Exchange Programme
 AH students presenting their projects in the International Research Exchange Programme with Kanazawa University Senior High School. 

8 Hip Students Local IdentitiesOverseas Enrichment Programme to Hong Kong 2017: HIP students exploring how local identities are preserved in a globalised era through a Cantonese Opera singing workshop. 

9Overseas Enrichment Programme to Taiwan 2018: HIP students visit a waste collection facility in Taipei as part of their self-designed comparative study of recycling efforts in Singapore and Taiwan.

Overseas Enrichment Programme to Shanghai 2019: HIP students collecting primary data through interviews in their comparative study of placemaking efforts in Singapore and Shanghai.

2021 Local-Based Enrichment Programme (LBEP): HIP students speaking to industry specialists from the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA).11

2021 Local-Based Enrichment Programme (LBEP): HIP students exploring hidden aspects of Singapore in their study of the role that various stakeholders played in conserving local heritage.



HSPConnects 2020: HIP students receiving mentorship and guidance from our network of HIP alumni, and bonding over their shared passion for the Humanities. 


2018 MOE Humanities Symposium: HSP students interacting with guest speaker, Speaker of the Parliament, Mr Tan Chuan Jin. 

16 2nd Runner UpThe 2021 HIP students were awarded 2nd runner-up in the 2021 Goh Keng Swee Future Thinking Challenge Shield. 

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Application Process

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