CCA Vision: To develop adventurous individuals with a sustained lifelong passion for the sport of climbing.

CCA Mission: Learn skills and techniques that will enable the climber to pitch himself against challenges that the sport of climbing has to offer, and to develop individuals who stop at nowhere in their quest to find new obstacles to overcome challenges posed to them.

The NJC Climbing team develops passionate individuals, and sportsmen who excel in their endeavors. The team values unity, and aims to be proficient in applying the skills learnt in challenging and surviving various indoor and outdoor obstacles. The team prizes physical fitness and mental resilience to overcome all obstacles and challenges encountered.

To challenge ourselves continuously, the NJC Climbing team takes part in various competitions. Our achievements are proof that hard work pays off. The team also organises overseas trips, camps as well as events to share our passion for the sport of climbing with others.

The NJC Climbing team took part in Nationals last year, namely:
National Schools Bouldering Championships (“NSBC”)
National Schools Sport Climbing Championships (“NSSC”)

The NJC Climbing team also took part 2014 JC Bouldering League that tabulates the scores from 3 bouldering competitions in the year, namely NTU Pumpfest, NUS Boulderactive and Onsight Bouldering Championship.

Notable achievements in 2014 from Nationals:
NSBC (Boys’ team – Overall 6th, Girls’ team – Overall 5th; Johnson Ho Chong Xiang (Captain) – Individual 7th, Lim Fang Yi (Vice Captain) – Individual 7th)
NSSC (Boys’ team – Overall 8th, Girls’ team – Overall 4th; Lim Fang Yi (Vice Captain) – 6th)

Notable achievements in 2014 from the JC Bouldering League:
Overall 3rd position for both Boys’ & Girls’ team
Dapito Michelle Anne Therese Dizon – Individual 6th (Girls), Tan Hui Yin – Individual 7th (Girls), Leow Jing Xuan – Individual 8th (Girls)
Johnson Ho Chong Xiang (Captain) – Individual 7th (Boys)

Climbers are given the opportunity to develop their skills and share their passion through the following events:
Overseas trip to Malaysia (to give climbers the experience of climbing on natural cliffs)
Get Bo(u)lder, an intra-college Bouldering competition organised by NJClimbers
Open Gym Days, to allow non-members to experience the sport of climbing

For more information on our CCA, please visit our website at or contact any of our teachers-in-charge:

Name of Teacher-in-charge Email Address of Teacher-in-charge
Ms Gao Peirong Jessica
Ms Heng Li Li Amanda