Indian Dance

Indian Dance

Indian Dance is a community that prides itself for injecting passion and energy into our performances. We aim to expose students to the beautiful art of dance, which serves to being out the best in each. We take pride in our performances and have consistently proved ourselves through the years. We are a vibrant CCA with dances from various ethnic groups. Through this, we have formed a multicultural CCA despite our namesake.

We train in various dance forms including classical and folk, thus training ourselves to be versatile in the field of dance. We aim to develop each individual to their maximal potential through our dance practices and enrichment activities. We have incorporated the various aspects into our CCA to enrich each dancer in a multitude of ways – enrichment programmes, Community Involvement programmes as well as perform in major events within and outside of school.

We firmly believe what is most important is the camaraderie and team spirit of Indian Dance, the driving force for ours sustained excellence. With the strong pillar of support from our fellow dancers and teachers, we will continue to work hard and strive onward.


If you would like to be a part of our CCA or know more about our CCA, please feel free to contact any of our teachers-in-charge:

Name of Teacher-in-charge Email Address of Teacher-in-charge
Mdm Darshini d/o Radha Krishnan
Ms Divya Darshini d/o Harikrishan
Ms Cher Caifeng Valerie



Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging
Year Division Award
2001 ‘A’ Division Gold with Honours
2003 ‘A’ Division Gold with Honours
2005 ‘A’ Division Gold with Honours
2007 ‘A’ Division Gold with Honours
2009 ‘A’ Division Gold with Honours
2011 ‘A’ Division Gold with Honours
2011 ‘B’ Division Silver
Recent Inter-school Competitions
Year Competition Achievement
2009 Singapore Polytechnic Competition 1st
2010 CJC Thaalam Competition 3rd
2012 ACSI Kalai Vizha Dance Competition 2nd
2012 Agni 4th
Recent External Performances
Year Event
2009 International Confederation of Principals Convention
2010 Singapore Youth Festival Showcase ‘Fantasia’
2012 SINDA Excellence Awards Prize Giving Ceremony
2012 Bhangra Bonanza 2012
Recent Internal Performances
Year Event
2011 Aristal (Combined Dance Event with other dance groups)
2012 Chinese New Year
2012 Dance Factor
2012 Teacher’s Day
2012 Aristal
2012 Surabi
2012 Deepavali


Development Programmes and Enrichment Opportunities:

Programmes and enrichments Recent Activities
CCA-Based CIP SINDA “I’m Possible” CIP
Competitions SYF, Inter-JC Competitions
Camps Annual ID Training Camp
Trips Chennai Immersion Programme
Immersions Korean Exchange, Taiwan Exchange, Auckland Immersion
Other school-based programmes and performances Aristal, Various school Events
Enrichment Programmes Dance course by University of Auckland