Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby

CCA Mission: Nurture confident girls with tenacious spirit at the end of their stint in the CCA.

The girls of NJC Touch Rugby proudly live by the motto: ‘Rug’ hard, ‘Rug’ proud, ‘Rug’ happy
‘Rug’ hard: Work hard alongside the field with my teammates, believe in yourself and go the extra mile for the team.
‘Rug’ proud: Play every game with love and pride and to be able to say we have given everything on the field when the final whistle is blown.

‘Rug’ happy: Love for the sport, love for the team.

The team participates in various competitions and activities in order to develop this love and pride.

Competitions NTU Touch Attack
National Inter-JC League
Monsoon Beach Touch
Clifford Chance Touch Tournament
Camps Youth Leadership Training
CampTouch Rugby Camp

If you would like to be a part of our CCA or know more about our CCA, please feel free to contact any of our teachers-in-charge:

Name of Teacher-in-charge Email Address of Teacher-in-charge
Mdm Neo Ko Hui
Ms Feng Pingping