As the first AEP Centre to offer the Programme to external secondary students since 2016, we now host the largest AEP in Singapore.

AEP Centre programme covers exciting and comprehensive studio and theoretical studies in art. Our multidisciplinary studio programme challenge our external students to create art and express themselves using various mediums and different technologies. External students will also be able to critically appraise and appreciate art through learning about art history and theory.

In addition to having the opportunity to take ‘O’ Level Higher Art in secondary 4.
Our external students will be part of a larger 600-strong AEP community, interacting through combined workshops and events. They will so have the opportunity to exhibit their works in school as well as national platforms. Participate in authentic learning experiences through immersion learning journeys to museums, galleries and with artists and other industry practitioners

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For more information on AEP Centre@NJC, please visit the MOE website about AEP Centre here. Application form can be found on the MOE website and only begins in January 2023. For further queries regarding the Centre please contact MOE.

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