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The NJC Music Programme started out in 2006 with 2 levels, but has grown considerably since and now offers a six-year programme* that culminates at the ‘A’ Level where students can offer H2 Music. Through a wide and eclectic range of activities, the programme strives to provide students with a holistic and unique education in music and the arts. In addition to an extensive curriculum in music history, practical musicianship skills and music writing, these also include career talks, learning journeys, master classes and workshops by renowned music professionals. A major highlight is also its biennial cultural trips overseas. One approach that drives the way skills and content are delivered through this programme is via authentic assignments and learning processes. Through such activities, the Programme hopes to inspire its students towards musical versatility and excellence and to produce academics, practitioners and leaders in – and advocates for – the arts. Graduates of the programme have gone on to pursue both arts and non-arts related disciplines, and many still make their presence felt in the local music scene, as performers, arts administrators, educators, advocates and patrons.

Vision of the NJC Music Programme:
  • To cultivate a deep love for music beyond the classroom so that students can continue to enjoy music through composing, performing and attending concerts.
  • To help students to understand how music is bigger than itself — that it is a product of its time and culture, as a result of being a child of its surrounding socio-historical circumstances and interaction with different art forms.
  • To encourage a deep curiosity, openness and thoughtfulness towards all genres and all kinds of musics.

* Commitment to the NJC Music Programme operates on a 2 yearly basis: JH1-2, JH3-4 and SH1-2 (offering music as a H2 subject at A level). However, for DSA IP students who have entered NJC via Music Excellence, commitment is from JH1-4.