Senior High AEP

Students from the AEP in Junior High may continue to offer H2 Art at Senior High, leading to the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination, subject to pre-requisites in overall academic performance and learning dispositions. In H2 Art, students undergo a rigorous curriculum that develops their ability to make connections with different ideas, experiment with different materials and processes. project management and investigative learning through Studio Practice and Study of Visual Arts (SOVA). There will be many opportunities for authentic, experiential and collaborative learning as part of the SH Art learning experience.

At the end of SH1, H2 Art students are also offered the opportunity to take H3 Art. The H3 Theory of Art syllabus equips and deepens students’ skills for critical thinking and expounds the discourse of issues surrounding contemporary society, both within and outside of the Art world. Students who display a keen interest to deepen their art pursuit and have met the necessary prerequisites set by the school are strongly recommended to take up the subject to maximise their potential in the subject. Students may approach any of the art tutors if they have any queries.

Non-AEP students who would like to opt for Art may also apply for the subject at H2 level. They will be required to sit for a qualifying test, submit a portfolio and undergo an interview as part of the selection process. Interested students may approach any of the art tutors to find out more.

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