A meaningful vacation

This morning I spoke with your children on what makes a meaningful vacation in this challenging year.

For the next 60 days, most will be in Singapore and it is likely that they will have “idle” time. I asked them to think about what their “lived experiences” could be during the vacation. I narrated my teenage “lived experiences” which are completely different from theirs. My friends and I created our own outdoor games as we were not well off. I helped serve customers in my father’s coffee shop. A cup of coffee was 5 cents and we had to deliver one cup of coffee to a customer more than 100 metres away. That was the kind of service expected. Customers paid up only after consumption. Sadly, some did not pay up. Now, customers have to pay up first.

I suggested the following:

1. Read a book a week.

I am currently reading a book “Common Life”, with sketches of places and people in Singapore. each sketch is accompanied by a poem. The two collaborators are Singaporeans and their observations of Singapore life are captured succinctly.

2. Discover Singapore.

Many of our children have not been to the different housing estates to observe how Singaporeans live. Families could organised walking tours of the housing estates and find our more about the history and peculiarities of each housing estate. Our children must learn to see, hear and feel the similarities and differences of where they live and where other Singaporeans live. They must also ask why questions on what they have seen and heard. I reinforced the need to stay safe online.

With more “idle” time, there will be a high likelihood of your children going online more frequently. Scams, pornography and the purveyance of undesirable thoughts and behaviour are rife. NJCians must be able to protect themselves and respond robustly. Do not let others bully you, online or offline. I wish all parents and NJCians a meaningful vacation and stay safe. Best regards Service with Honour