Singapore International Science Challenge (Challenges)

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The Singapore International Science Challenge is open to all students aged 15 – 18 years old in 2017;

Each school is allowed to field 1 team comprising a maximum of 3 students and a minimum of 2 students;

Students will present their research projects individually or in a group with a maximum of three students;

SISC 2017 will comprise 3 challenges: the Research Challenge, the Machine Learning Challenge, and the Design & Build Challenge;

Student teams will be mixed, comprising one student each from 5-6 institutes, for the Machine Learning and Design & Build Challenges;

Achievement within each challenge will be recognised by a range of awards;

A normalised score, taking into account the number of representatives from each institute and derived from points accrued by students at each of the 3 challenges, is used to compute the score for their respective institutes to determine the Grand Champion at SISC 2017.


Research challenge

Each institute is invited to have students present posters on up to 3 research projects from any field of STEM.

Each team is invited to give a maximum of 3 Oral Lectures on their research projects to an audience of participating students, educators and independent academics from academic and research institutes.

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Machine learning challenge

At SISC 2017, participants will collaborate on a machine learning challenge that (1) will enable them the fundamentals of machine learning and (2) apply learned skills during the Design & Build Challenge.

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Design & build challenge

The sub-theme for the two days of the Design & Build Challenge is Dream Machine and Machinenterprise;

The Design & Build Challenge is kept secret till SISC itself, i.e. details of this challenge will only be made known to the participants during SISC 2017 itself.

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Overall Challenge


The weight of the Research, Machine Learning and Design & Build Challenges are 30%, 30% and 40% respectively;

The judging criteria, viz. creativity, scientific thought, meeting of engineering objective, etc. will be detailed at SISC 2017.

All participants will be given certificates of participation;

All decisions made by the SISC 2017 Organising Committee are final.