Singapore International Science Challenge (For International Participants)

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For International Participants

Welcome to SISC 2017!

Information for those traveling to SISC 2017 will be populated on this site.  We encourage you to check back periodically.

ramada hotel

Principal’s accommodation:

Ramada Hotel Singapore

It offers accommodation fully appointed with modern amenities like free high-speed Internet access, premium Serta mattress, TV with cable channels and more smart basics. The hotel location is in the heart of the Novena district is known as Singapore’s food haven and just a 15-minute car ride to the Central Business District. The hotel is right next to a convenience mall with a supermarket and eateries, and flanks the charming Zhongshan Park.

Boarding School

Educator’s/Student’s accommodation:

NJC Boarding School 

Built at a cost of SGD $20 million, this boarding school has 250 rooms housing around 500 students and teachers. In addition to housing foreign students which makes up half of the boarding school population, it also houses students who are participating the college’s enhance boarding programme.

Packing List

SISC 2017 Suggested Packing List

  1. Travel Documents (Passport, Visa, Air tickets etc.)
  1. Clothing
  1. Formal school wear with school blazer and shoes (for Opening and Closing Ceremony)
  2. Smart casual wear for events
  3. Casual wear with comfortable walking shoes. (A round neck T-shirt and a polo T- shirt will be provided by NJC).
  4. Sleepwear
  5. Slippers/Sandals
  6. Undergarments
  7. Socks
  8. National/Cultural/Ethnic Costume for the Welcome Party. Cultural costume will be exhibited at the Welcome Party with a short oral description (maximum 2 minutes) to be shared with the audience.
  9. Futuristic costumes/outfits that glow or sparkle in the dark for the Farewell Party. [Please refer to Annex A for the details of points (h) and (i)].
  1. All toiletries, towels, face towel and clothes hangers

(Basic fixtures and fittings e.g. beds with mattresses, a ceiling fan, cabinets, a pillow, a blanket and bed covers will be provided for each participant).

  1. Luggage lock. (For security purposes, do note that you will be required to lock your valuables in your own luggage when you leave the room)
  1. Personal protection
  1. medication (in sufficient doses)
  2. thermometer
  3. basic first-aid kit
  4. cap/ shades
  5. sunblock lotion (Singapore is pretty warm and sunny!)
  6. mosquito patch/ insect repellent
  7. umbrella
  8. water bottle (to keep yourself hydrated)
  1. Power Socket Adaptor

Note: Singapore uses 240V AC Power, “Type G” British BS-1363 (Refer to

  1. Smaller Bag (Day bag) for daytime travel
  1. Materials for different Challenges
  1. Laptops, android tablets (NJC will be providing laptops to each team but you may still want to bring individual laptops/tablets for Machine learning/ Design and Build Challenges)
  2. Flashdrive
  3. Writing materials/ notebook
  4. Research Poster for research challenge
  1. Handphone charger
  1. Camera to capture wonderful memories!
  1. Singapore currency (for personal souvenir shopping)
  1. Cultural props and items for introductory video and cultural showcase
  • Props/items to be used in introductory video. For eg, costumes, flags, national flowers, any iconic items unique to your country/school etc. We will be filming introductory videos for all overseas and local participating teams on the day of your arrival. This video is intended for your team to introduce yourselves as well as to showcase your country and school culture. Do note that the items should not be perishable and too bulky.
  • Culture showcase at Welcome Party:

a. Unique tablecloth

b. Posters/infographics or digital presentation

c. Traditional Costumes, Traditional Games / Toys, Dry Traditional Snacks etc [Please refer to Annex A for the details of point (a-c)].

Annex A (Packing List for Welcome and Farewell Parties)

There will be 2 parties, Welcome Party and Farewell Party planned for you on 27th June and 1st July evenings! 

As there will be themes for the 2 parties, we will like all participants to dress up to the themes.

Welcome Party (27th June 2017, Tuesday)

Theme: Cultural Diversity

For Welcome Party, kindly come in your ethnic costumes. In addition, we will like to invite participants to set up a booth to showcase their country’s culture and heritage. Following are the items that participants can consider to showcase at the booth:

1)    Unique Tablecloth (to be placed over the table)

○     To represent the participant’s culture and heritage

○     Size: Ideally, it should be large and flowy. Specs wise, at least 120cm x 60cm

2)    Presentation

○     To showcase the participant’s culture and heritage

○     Suggestions: Posters/Infographics or Digital Presentation on participant’s laptop

3)    Cultural Items

○     Suggestions: Traditional Costumes, Traditional Games / Toys, Dry Traditional Snacks etc

Please indicate the mode of presentation and the cultural items that your school will be bringing for welcome party cultural booth via this link:

As time will be allocated for participants to visit the different booths, kindly ensure there is at least one person allocated at the booth at all times. There will be prizes/tokens awarded for the best dressed group and the best booth for Welcome Party. The tokens will be beneficial to participants in the Design and Build Challenge.

Farewell  Party (1st July 2017, Saturday)

Theme: Partum In Posterum (Creating the Future in Latin)

As for Farewell Party, please dress up in your most futuristic costumes! Alternatively you can come in an outfit that glow or sparkle in the dark.