Student Welfare and Counselling

NJC adopts a ‘strength-based’ approach towards students’ holistic well-being.

To lead with sensitivity and to serve with honour, a leader must be of sound character.  To this end, the Student Welfare and Counselling Teams work closely with personal mentors and other committees in the pastoral care of our students, guided by MOE’s Social Emotional Learning.

If you would like to find out more about our initiatives or to speak with our team, you may visit our counselling portal (with some online self-help resources) or contact any one of us:



Ms Sharon Phua
HOD (Student Welfare & Boarding)

Ms Jesmin Tan


Ms Hui Yoke Cheng, Von






Counselling is a collaborative therapeutic relationship which allows the student to have a safe space to explore his/her issues and challenges. Together with the student, we work on his/her strengths and expand the repertoire of his/her coping resources to facilitate growth and build solutions to any issues or challenges faced.

Research has shown that having strong parental support will nurture confident children. In NJC, we work in partnership with the parents to further support students in their socio and emotional wellbeing. Hence, it is crucial for parents to be involved in the students’ journey.

For the incoming new students, the transition process is important and they need the support of their parents. Click here for more resources in supporting your child’s transition.

Click here for Helplines.

Click here for Student’s Counselling Appointment.