Student Welfare and Counselling

NJC adopts a ‘strength-based’ approach towards students’ holistic well-being.

To lead with sensitivity and to serve with honour, a leader must be of sound character.  To this end, the Student Welfare and Counselling Teams work closely with personal mentors and other committees in the pastoral care of our students, guided by MOE’s Social Emotional Learning.

If you would like to find out more about our initiatives or to speak with our team, you may visit our counselling portal (with some online self-help resources) or contact any one of us:


Ms Sharon Phua
Head of Department
Student Welfare and Boarding
Mrs Cheong- Lim Chin Yin
Senior School Counsellor

CounsellingCounselling is a collaborative therapeutic relationship which allows the student to have a safe space to explore his/her issues and challenges. Together with the student, we work on his/her strengths and   expand the repertoire of his/her coping resources to facilitate growth and build solutions to any issues or challenges faced.

Click on Image below to watch the Counselling Booking Video Guide.

Counselling Booking

Counselling Booking Video Guide


Agency Brief description Hotline / Contact
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) For anyone in crisis or suicidal.

Email Befriending by SOS: pat@samaritans.org.sos

1800 221 4444
Child Guidance Clinic Any child or youth (up to age 19) with significant or severe emotional & behavioural problems 6368 2000

6389 2222 (24 hours)

MSF Child Protection Service Hotline On child protection and welfare services 1800 258 6378

1800 777 0000

National Family Service Centre Helpline Refers caller with personal or family related problems to the nearest FSC 1800 838 0100
Counselling and Care Corner Anyone with psychological and behavioural issues 6536 6366
Singapore Association for Mental Health Anyone with psychological, psychiatric, emotional or social issues 1800 283 7019

Mon-Fri: 9am – 6pm

Click here for HPB help list.

Click here for Student’s Counselling Appointment during Phase 1 school re-opening period.