Character and Citizenship Education

The NJC Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is a deliberate effort to imbue core ethical values and create authentic learning experiences through a series of tiered academic and non-academic programmes.

Given that the world is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), CCE aims to develop 21st Century skills in our students so that they are able to be discerning and chart their next course of action based on sound moral values. Through discussions of contemporary issues in class, the team seeks to develop students to be concerned citizens.  

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Focus of the cohort
Junior High 1


Students will focus on:

  1. Understanding the need to respect oneself and for others.
  2. Learning the way to exercise self-responsibility and promoting self-care
  3. developing self- leadership skills
Junior High 2


Students will focus on:

  1. inculcating their sense of responsibility towards others
  2. honing their skills to perform duty of care for others
  3. developing peer leadership skills
Junior High 3


Students will focus on:

  1. developing critical thinking to have deeper understanding of problems
  2. developing problem-solving skills
Junior High 4


Students will focus on:

  1. developing creative thinking skills
  2. developing team leadership skills
Senior High

All 4 school values

Students will focus on:

  1. developing critical and evaluative thinking skills
  2. deepening their understanding of contemporary issues
  3. developing thought leadership

Any feedback and queries regarding the CCE Programme, please contact contact:

Name Designation Email Address
Mr Chiang Cher Siang HOD (CCE and VIA)
Mr Loh Kok Sheng HOD (Student Development) (Ag)
Ms Jamie Kao Peixin Subject Head (CCE) (Ag)
Mr Marcus Chong Subject Head (Student Development) (Ag)
Mr Terence Yap Subject Head (VIA)
Ms Looi Yuin Yi ECG Counsellor